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Travel to the Philippines

Hello there civilization!

I was hoping to write when Monel and I were on vacation but I didn’t get around to it. We were very busy visiting with family and friends and traveling all over the place. It was great to view the different places within the Philippines while we were there and to meet so much family and get to know all of them. Family is key in my life and as well as Monel’s life. Which is why it was so important to me to meet her family and get to know them better.

We visited to multiple different places and saw most all of the family on her Mama and Papa’s side. While in Manila we met up with quite a few friends and Monel participated in a wedding of one of her best friends. It was beautiful to see a Filipino wedding and to watch it in the Manila Cathedral.

For a few days her and I had a mini vacation to Boracay and visited a number of different areas while we were there. While there we stayed at the Blue Lilly Hotel right on the beach. We had an awesome experience with multiple activities. ATV riding, parasailing, snorkeling, helmet diving, visiting Carabao Island (also called Romblon), and eating some amazing food of course!

We stayed on another island towards the end of the trip with a four of her friends (now our friends 🙂 ). Where we went was called Coron on the island of Palawan. This island is a lot less industrialized for tourism at this point in time so its a bit more of a fun trip for us. We really enjoyed the island hopping we did while visiting Coron and I would love to go back someday and visit another portion of Palawan to see El Nido or Puerto Princesa.

I will have more pictures, videos, and stories to share later on once I get more time to compile them into a better format and edited state. Please bear with us on that one :). there are some photos and videos up on my instagram already but a full on video is in the works to show better where we went throughout the entire trip and to explain our story. This truly was an amazing journey and I look forward to sharing more with you later.

Stay classy and travel often!

Adios (for now),



It’s more fun in the Philippines! 

Well we are adjusting to the time change difference still but it has been quite an experience so far.

I’ve gotten to meet many of Monel’s family and a few of her friends. It has been a great time meeting all of her extended family and seeing how they all interact together. A lot of surprised faces to see that her mom came to visit as well. 

The similarities between Mexico and the Philippines are crazy. Some of the architecture and many other things in daily life, like the traffic and seeing people that are walking around or waiting for the bus 🚌. They have a lot of transportation options for the people to get around instead of having to rely on driving themselves around, if they don’t have a car or easy way to get where they’re going.

Like many other countries I’ve been to that have heavy traffic and higher population density, there are a lot of small motor bikes riding around weaving in and out of traffic and riding between the lanes of cars. It’s a very efficient way to get through the traffic in Manila for sure.

Today we are traveling yet again, but this time heading to Boracay for a few days of a mini vacation. It’s a tourist type of area and has been industrialized a lot more to accommodate foreigners compared to Coron, where we will visit later in the trip.

Uber ride to the airport to fly to Boracay

Travel day!

The day is finally here!!!

Monel and I are traveling to the Philippines today! First I am now in Troy, MI getting on the train and heading to Chicago to meet up with her at the airport. Then it’s time to get a move on to the other side of the world. 

I am nervous and excited all at once. Never have been to the Philippines before so this will be awesome to experience a new place. Parts of the trip will be new for both of us too.

Stay tuned for more updates during our trip, I promise the pictures will be awesome! Monel surprised me with a early birthday present, a new GoPro Hero 5!!! I am stoked to use it 😁. 

Stay classy!



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The trip is finally almost here! 🇵🇭

Finally the trip is almost here. After a long time of planning, the trip for Monel and I is right around the corner. We have one week to go and at this very time seven days from now, we will be on the airplane ✈️ heading to Manila.

We are both so very excited to be able to spend another long flight together and to be able to experience traveling in the Philippines. I’m very grateful to be able to take this time off of work and I feel blessed to have a boss who will allow me to take off some extra time off while also getting some work done while there. It will both help me enjoy more time on the other side of the planet as well as not be far behind when I get home. I am going to make sure that I completely disconnect while I am gone though for at least a good portion of the trip.

Unfortunately, we have gotten some bad news recently that Monel’s grandfather is not doing very well right now and he is ill. The timing happens to work out almost perfectly that we will be able to see him while we are there but it is a shame that he is ill right now.

I’ve been having many thoughts and prayers for him and his health so that I can get the chance to meet him when we are visiting. My outlook for this trip is very positive, we are both very excited and I am still a bit nervous, but I know that the trip will be great. I have a great person to guide me through the Philippines and I’m trying to learn a little bit of Tagalog as well, however, I cannot speak it fluently so I will need her assistance of course.

While visiting we have some extra trips already planned, which I am stoked for. Visiting Boracay and Coron will be absolutely amazing!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

🇵🇭 🇵🇭 🇵🇭

Stay classy!




Travels in Los Angeles and San Diego, California

Earlier this year, Monel, Phoebe, and I took off out of Chicago for a week of vacation in Southern California. It was the first trip for the three of us, and it was a great one. We got to grow and bond together, which was really nice. Monel’s sister and her husband live out there so we stayed with them while we were there along with one night at her cousins place in L.A.

We got to see some amazing things while visiting the area and I had no idea how much there is to do in the San Diego area.

Visiting the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and Sea World were all amazing sites to see. Of course we got to visit Pacific Beach where we played on the beach and got some sushi 🍣 and other delicious foods. I got to try Uni for the first time, it was very good. Unfortunately Monel had an allergic reaction to it, so I had to run to the store and get some medicine to help with that. 

We got to ride the big air balloon at the safari park:

Here are some pictures from our dolphin 🐬 encounter at Sea World:
We also got to see a 4-D movie of Ice Age while visiting:

We went to Balboa park a few times and got to enjoy some of the great sites there. Here are a few pictures we took inside the park and inside the zoo:

We had a lot of fun in the area and hope to go back someday and see some more things. One of the other great spots we got to visit was in La Jolla. There were Sea lions and tons of sea shells that Phoebe was collecting. 

When the trip was coming to a close we ended up going to see the naval museum for the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. It was great to see inside the ship and learn about the way that the sailors lived on that ship. 

On our way back to L.A. before we had to fly out we went and explored around Hollywood. It was pretty interesting to see the walk of fame and view Madame Toussettes Wax Museum. Some pretty interesting things to see in Hollywood but I must say it wasn’t as nice as many would think. We of course had to get our picture taken with the Hollywood sign as well because why wouldn’t we 🙂

We found the only star that you can’t walk on! 😁😁😁⭐️
We did get some delicious food for breakfast on one of our last days along with all the other tasty food we ate. 

Overall it was a great trip and got to see a lot of the Southern California area while visiting. I would definitely recommend visiting if you haven’t been before to explore and see what it has to offer. There is so much more that we didn’t even get to see but maybe another time we will.

Hope you enjoy this post and all the pictures!

Stay classy!




Travel Preparation

I got confirmation from my boss at work that we have to go to Mexico to help with some issues again. We leave one week from today. It will be a busy month before Monel and I leave for the Philippines (Pilipinas). After I get back from Mexico it will be the Fourth of July then the weekend after my cousin’s graduation party (from high school). Then one weekend before leaving for our trip 😁. 

I’m really excited for the trip and looking forward to some good experiences while there. I’ve never been there of course so it will be a very eye opening experience for me. Traveling with Monel is always an exciting experience to spend more time together. Stay tuned for more updates about the travels. 

As a quick note, keep your mind clear and free with putting some time aside each day to reflect on how your day and week have been. Focus on your breathing and relax. 

Stay classy!