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Daily Prompt – Relieved

One of the great feelings in life (for me at least) is the feeling of relief.

Relief comes at the perfect times, it comes at the worse times, and sometimes you don’t get relieved at all.

A simple reason why I enjoy feeling relieved is right in the word itself (RELIEF) which also points to release or to remove a burden from yourself. Being an engineer in the automotive industry, there are a lot of deadlines that have to be met and it can get a little hectic at times. However, once you get a big portion of a project done and have everything documented and properly released, you can sit back and say “Ahhhh”, and that is the sound of perfect relief and gratification for a job well done. 

Make sure you take some time to enjoy the feelings of relief, it is hard to say how long they will last and when the next one will come about. 

What kind of things do you feel relieved above recently?

Stay classy!



Daily Prompt – Relieved:


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Traveling is good for you! Break free of the chaos!

Maybe you enjoy traveling like I do, or maybe you don’t enjoy it at all and it causes you anxiety. Or there is a chance you’re somewhere inbetween those two ends of the spectrum.

Regardless of where things fall for you in regards to traveling, you should at least try it once and a while. It really gets you into a different state of mind and allows your thoughts to break free as well as your mind. Escaping the chaos of life is seemingly impossible at times but taking a trip somewhere can really make it a reality. If you haven’t been anywhere in a long time, plan a trip, even if it is just for a weekend getaway to another town or city within a couple hours of home. I can’t promise that you’ll enjoy every second of your travels but you will certainly learn something about the new area and more than likely, you will learn about yourself. 

Let me know where you’re at and where you’re going. I’m curious to see what kind of trips people are taking. Maybe I can even put together a map of travels I’ve been on compared to places you’ve been. 

Stay classy! Travel often! Love life!