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Traveling, Traveling, Traveling, and now goodbye to summer!

Life has been moving pretty fast lately! Zee is getting huge now!!!

I’ve been all over the place lately but he has been by my side and so has Monel of course! We’ve had a house warming party mixed in with birthday celebrations at the house, wedding in Traverse City for one of my best friends (Chris and Sam), a wedding downstate in Livonia for another great friend, and I’m currently in Mexico for the second time within the last month or so. Oh shoot, I forgot to mention that last week I had to fly to Denver, Colorado to meet up with a customer and help solve some issues they were having 😝. All is well though!

Keeping your head on straight even through the busiest of times is not always easy, but as many times it has been said, gratitude and self awareness are keys to keeping things in check!

If you want to see some photos of the recent adventures we’ve been having, Zee actually has his own Instagram account (@zee_brinpit) now and I’ve been posting some content on my own of course!

We had a great trip to Door County, Wisconsin with Monel’s family in late July! What an awesome place. It reminded me a lot of being in Traverse City, MI. Lots of wine tastings and crafty little places to check out and things to do. What are some of your last minute summer adventures you’re getting in before the icy cold fall and winter hits? Or if you don’t have to worry about those, then before school settled back in.

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