Long time no write – new puppy!

So yeah, I think it’s obvious I haven’t written in a long time. We got a puppy, and life has just been super busy… Monel and I got engaged back in February in the airport we met in (Chicago O’Hare). Phoebe was there too as we were on the way to Hawaii for vacation.It was quite a surprise for both of them, but what a great feeling it was. The craziness of wedding planning has been going on lately and as you can tell from the title of this post, we got a dog recently!He is a handsome boy! Brindle pit mix and he is a bundle of fun and joy. We rescued him from the humane society event that they were holding a the Detroit Zoo. Unexpected but awesome! Life has been challenging adjusting to having a puppy vs basically only having to take care of myself but in a very good way. I’ll try and make it sooner that I’m on here again. Haha. Adios for now!Stay classy!

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