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Travel to the Philippines

Hello there civilization!

I was hoping to write when Monel and I were on vacation but I didn’t get around to it. We were very busy visiting with family and friends and traveling all over the place. It was great to view the different places within the Philippines while we were there and to meet so much family and get to know all of them. Family is key in my life and as well as Monel’s life. Which is why it was so important to me to meet her family and get to know them better.

We visited to multiple different places and saw most all of the family on her Mama and Papa’s side. While in Manila we met up with quite a few friends and Monel participated in a wedding of one of her best friends. It was beautiful to see a Filipino wedding and to watch it in the Manila Cathedral.

For a few days her and I had a mini vacation to Boracay and visited a number of different areas while we were there. While there we stayed at the Blue Lilly Hotel right on the beach. We had an awesome experience with multiple activities. ATV riding, parasailing, snorkeling, helmet diving, visiting Carabao Island (also called Romblon), and eating some amazing food of course!

We stayed on another island towards the end of the trip with a four of her friends (now our friends 🙂 ). Where we went was called Coron on the island of Palawan. This island is a lot less industrialized for tourism at this point in time so its a bit more of a fun trip for us. We really enjoyed the island hopping we did while visiting Coron and I would love to go back someday and visit another portion of Palawan to see El Nido or Puerto Princesa.

I will have more pictures, videos, and stories to share later on once I get more time to compile them into a better format and edited state. Please bear with us on that one :). there are some photos and videos up on my instagram already but a full on video is in the works to show better where we went throughout the entire trip and to explain our story. This truly was an amazing journey and I look forward to sharing more with you later.

Stay classy and travel often!

Adios (for now),


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Travels: Near and Far

Recently I was asked by Cross Country Life to put more information out about where I’ve been and the things I have seen.

There are many great places around the world that I have been. Some are for work, some are for pleasure, and well I enjoy them all of course.

To start with the shorter of the two lists, my work travels of course (I will write separately later about my personal travels this far). I have been to Queretaro, Mexico on various different occasions. in 2016 I visited 5 times and 2017 this is now my 2nd trip that I am on while writing this very post. Previous to my travels to Mexico I got to visit Shirley/Birmingham, UK and Telč/Dačice, Czech Republic back in December of 2015. Prior to that was my first true business trip while working for ZF TRW. My first trip was the great journey to Seoul, South Korea and Daegu, South Korea. That trip is the one I met Monel on randomly in our airplane leaving Chicago O’Hare International Airport. I had no idea I would be sitting next to her or that we would even end up talking at all. Now here we are, almost two years later and going strong.


Mexico has been a wonderful place to visit of course you can see that in my post from earlier. Here are a couple of pictures from today to show you some of the things you can see in Centro Historico district in Queretaro if you ever come to visit. The food featured in the picture is at a restaurant called Chucho El Roto, pictured is the Chucho El Roto Molcajete along with the appetizer of Grasshoppers (yes, grasshoppers). It is a wonderful restaurant that I have been to a couple of times in the past and absolutely love it. The food is fantastic and in a wonderful location right downtown. Also the Aqueduct is a famous thing to see while in the city. It was built to carry water down from the mountain into the city many years ago. While visiting this time there was a festival going on and you can see pictured a clown and a tiny car (they had an old Volkswagen car show going on). If you ever have the urge to visit central Mexico, I highly recommend checking out Queretaro.


UK and Czech Republic

Moving along to the UK and Czech Republic visit I did back in 2015 (December), I stayed in the UK for about 9 days and then went to the Czech Republic for 4 days.

While staying in the UK I got to visit a number of restaurants. One of the favorites in that area was the Miller and Carter Steakhouse. If you are in the area and looking for a good place to eat, highly recommended by me. 🙂

We also got to do some checking around the area and enjoyed looking at the different types of buildings. Another great place in the relative area is The Red Lion Tavern. It is an old style tavern but definitely worth checking out if you’re into that kind of thing. They only accept cash so make sure you’re ready for that.

While visiting over the weekend we went and checked out London, which was amazing by the way. Seeing Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London Bridge, and various other great buildings. While visiting we made sure to get as many pictures as we could and see as many sights as we could. One of the more interesting parts of that visit was the protests outside of Big Ben.

The Czech Republic came next and that was like entering another world of its own. The language was hard to understand and driving there was difficult because of that. However, we did get around just fine in our Skoda car. A lot of open farmland and beautiful country side by the area we were staying in (Telč/Dačice). Telč has an awesome old style castle town which has some interesting little shops and things to see. There isn’t much in the town itself but our hotel Hotel U Hrabenky was awesome! Great food served at the restaurant and wonderful beers as well. Dačice is where our plant and test facility was located so we drove there everyday to work and found the drive was quite easy but there isn’t much there (even less than in Telč). If you’re planning a visit to the Czech Republic, I would highly recommend staying where we did in Telč but make sure to spend some time in Prague, I have heard it is amazing but we didn’t get to spend much time there other than in the airport.

South Korea

My first business trip was to South Korea. Obviously I mentioned above that it is still one of my favorite trips for very good reason :), I met Monel on my way there!

First when I arrived there in the airport at Seoul, Monel and I were very tired from talking throughout the entire 13 hour flight from Chicago. I loved the entire flight, but I was also looking forward to getting some sleep at the hotel near the airport. The next day I woke up to find out that the person I was supposed to be meeting didn’t actually end up coming, so I met up with two of the other people I was supposed to meet anyways and we got ready to take along train ride to Daegu (southern South Korea). In Daegu is where we stayed for the two weeks of our trip while working with our supplier on assembly line equipment. I learned a lot during that time, both about myself and about my work. Daegu is a great city and I would love to go back and visit someday. I had a friend I knew through work who lives in Korea who showed me around during the weekend and a few extra days that I stayed there. It was great having him show me around to the different parks and hiking on the Bukhan Mountain. He also showed me the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) between North and South Korea. I will say that was a very interesting and peaceful thing to see, even though it was closed the day we went to see it.

One of the great things I loved about Korea’s restaurants is the service. They don’t come and check on you every 5 minutes while you just stuffed a bunch of food in your mouth. Instead, they have buttons on the tables (at most restaurants) and when you need something you can push the button and next thing you know, someone is at your table to help you.

The Korean people have a high regard for being hopeful and positive towards the future by placing their faith in different objects. I learned this while hiking one day with my friend and he showed me a few different instances of exactly this.

Hiking with him and conquering the mountain was amazing! I had a great time as I always do while traveling.



Let me know what you think of this post and I hope you enjoy my future writings. I will be posting some more information about personal trips soon.

Stay tuned!

Stay classy and awesome! You Rock!



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The New Man – How To Overcome Anxiety and Move Into Power

Do you have Anxiety? Do you know how to overcome it? Anxiety can be a huge killer for your confidence and productivity, check out this episode for some tips on what to do about it. 

You can overcome any obstacle in life. All it takes is dedication and the right mindset.

As always, stay classy!



The New Man Podcast

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Memorial Day weekend blessing and gratefulness

Well, Memorial Day weekend is in full swing this weekend of course. I have been looking forward to it for a while. It is always great to have extra time off of work to relax and unwind. I traveled the long journey to Marshfield, Wisconsin to visit Monel and Phoebe and the rest of the family. It has been a great weekend so far despite a long trip through Chicago haha.

At church this morning and during discussions with Monel this weekend, as always, I reflect on how grateful I am to have the luxuries of the life I live and where I have come to. She explains to me how often she wonders what life would be like if her family had not moved to the United States and what her and Phoebe’s lives would be like. It is always a question to wonder about, to think about where live would take you or what type of career you would be in had one thing in life not happened. Life is a blessing and recognizing that is always key to being grateful with the things you already have in life. Sometimes desiring more than is within your means can get you down and depressed if you have no way to achieve those things. However, having desirable goals in mind can give you something to aim for and push you to strive for something better, something which will provide a greater level of happiness.

We now have our tickets to the Philippines traveling with Cathay Pacific airways. We are both looking forward to the trip a lot. We have a wedding and various other activities while we are there. One of the things I am getting really excited for (aside from the entire trip in general) is visiting one of the famous islands for a getaway weekend. Meeting more of her family and friends will be so amazing, I can’t wait!

More details to come later! 🙂

Stay classy!



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Trip planning and looking forward to the holiday weekend!

It has been a very busy week of work and various other activities!

The holiday weekend for Memorial Day is coming up quickly this coming weekend. I am looking forward to a long weekend off of work for sure. I will be visiting Monel and Phoebe this weekend, I am very excited to spend the weekend with them again.

Setting goals and planning trips is a great way to keep positive vibes flowing and feel like there is something to work toward instead of just living day in and day out without purpose. One of the greatest feelings is being able to enjoy a much needed vacation. It gives a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment because it was earned with hard work and time put in to plan it.

Feelings of gratitude toward your own hard work and toward the effort others put in towards making your day, week, or more better is hard to keep in perspective sometimes. However, gratitude is very important for many reasons. It can help to provide a feeling of greatness within. For example, just over a year and a half ago I flew to South Korea to work for roughly two weeks. I had no idea at the time of boarding the flight leaving Michigan, but on my flight from Chicago to Korea I met Monel, who just so perfectly happened to be sitting next to me on that flight. We talked the entire trip and enjoyed each other’s company while traveling. She was going to visit friends and family in the Philippines and I of course was going to work in South Korea, a place I had never been in my entire life. While walking the streets of Daegu, South Korea with some of my colleagues, I spent a lot of time looking around and realizing that I was literally half way across the world from where I grew up with roughly 1,500 people in my small village of Bellaire, Michigan. I had no idea that I would end up working for a large corporation that could send me traveling for work purposes and of all places, sending me to Asia. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about myself as well as the culture. I am forever grateful to have been able to experience that trip and that leaves me with the wonderful gratitude I hold for where I have been, where I am now, and where I am going in the future.

On that note, I will close this round of the blog and check out for now.

Stay classy!





Visiting family and friends this weekend

This weekend I’ve been visiting family and friends up north in Bellaire, MI. Did a 10k run and my dad walked in the 5k. Enjoyed some good beer at Short’s Brewpub and great food at Starlight lounge. 

Fitness is a great way to get your body up moving and break through sickness.

Monel and I are looking hard for flights to the Philippines for July. I am really excited to go there and make memories there with her. Stay tuned for updates and more. 

Stay classy!




Still sick but pushing through and Phoebe’s meet!

I’m still sick today after getting my cold / bug from my girlfriend, Monel, last weekend. It finally set in on Wednesday or Thursday and now is just driving me crazy. But it is okay, I will push through it. I told her I would’ve rather gotten sick and been able to see her and Phoebe than to not have visited at all. 

Rest and medicine are key when sick but sometimes pushing through and exercise can help the healing process. In this case, I know exercise won’t do me any good but I have been trying to get out and walk at least a little bit. 

Phoebe did fantastic at her meet!

Floor: 9

Vault: 8.125

Beam: 9.1

We are so very proud of her for doing that well and can’t wait to see how she does the next time around! 

God bless everyone! Time for more rest. 

Stay classy!