Travel Preparation

I got confirmation from my boss at work that we have to go to Mexico to help with some issues again. We leave one week from today. It will be a busy month before Monel and I leave for the Philippines (Pilipinas). After I get back from Mexico it will be the Fourth of July then the weekend after my cousin’s graduation party (from high school). Then one weekend before leaving for our trip 😁. 

I’m really excited for the trip and looking forward to some good experiences while there. I’ve never been there of course so it will be a very eye opening experience for me. Traveling with Monel is always an exciting experience to spend more time together. Stay tuned for more updates about the travels. 

As a quick note, keep your mind clear and free with putting some time aside each day to reflect on how your day and week have been. Focus on your breathing and relax. 

Stay classy!



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