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Daily Prompt – Commit

Giving something your all, proving to yourself or someone else that you can and will do something, there are so many ways to show you are committed to something.  To commit, for me, means to give something my all without giving into failure or giving up until I have truly given it my all. Commitment… Continue reading Daily Prompt – Commit

Daily Prompt, Mindfulness and Meditation

Daily Prompt: Delta

Transitions in life or changes in life can be hard to manage and deal with sometimes. Today's daily Prompt is about the world Delta.  Delta can be the difference in something or a transition into something. Learning to deal with things during a transition or a change is hard but figuring out a way to… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Delta

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Travel to Querétaro, Mexico

I am traveling to Querétaro, Mexico 🇲🇽 for work this week. I will post some pictures if it isn't raining the entire trip. Hoping to get a lot accomplished during the week and solve a lot of issues at our manufacturing plant as well as the customer vehicle assembly plant. If we don't set goals… Continue reading Travel to Querétaro, Mexico

Mindfulness and Meditation

Sunday relaxation and learning

 I was going to write yesterday with some great thoughts in mind but ended up just relaxing instead. Sometimes relaxation is one of the best ways to calm the mind and unwind from a busy week or just to unwind to unwind. I had not used my hammock in quite a while so I decided… Continue reading Sunday relaxation and learning


Still sick but pushing through and Phoebe’s meet!

I'm still sick today after getting my cold / bug from my girlfriend, Monel, last weekend. It finally set in on Wednesday or Thursday and now is just driving me crazy. But it is okay, I will push through it. I told her I would've rather gotten sick and been able to see her and… Continue reading Still sick but pushing through and Phoebe’s meet!