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The trip is finally almost here! 🇵🇭

Finally the trip is almost here. After a long time of planning, the trip for Monel and I is right around the corner. We have one week to go and at this very time seven days from now, we will be on the airplane ✈️ heading to Manila. We are both so very excited to… Continue reading The trip is finally almost here! 🇵🇭

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Daily Prompt – Relieved

One of the great feelings in life (for me at least) is the feeling of relief. Relief comes at the perfect times, it comes at the worse times, and sometimes you don't get relieved at all. A simple reason why I enjoy feeling relieved is right in the word itself (RELIEF) which also points to… Continue reading Daily Prompt – Relieved

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Daily Prompt – Magnet

Whether you understand how magnetization works or not, at some point in your life you've likely been exposed to magnets or played with them or even just used them to hold up papers or pictures on the refrigerator.  The word magnet can mean something different based on the context or the person talking about it.… Continue reading Daily Prompt – Magnet

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The New Man – How To Overcome Anxiety and Move Into Power

Do you have Anxiety? Do you know how to overcome it? Anxiety can be a huge killer for your confidence and productivity, check out this episode for some tips on what to do about it.  You can overcome any obstacle in life. All it takes is dedication and the right mindset. As always, stay classy!… Continue reading The New Man – How To Overcome Anxiety and Move Into Power


Travel Preparation

I got confirmation from my boss at work that we have to go to Mexico to help with some issues again. We leave one week from today. It will be a busy month before Monel and I leave for the Philippines (Pilipinas). After I get back from Mexico it will be the Fourth of July… Continue reading Travel Preparation

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Rough times around the world, it will get better

Right now, and obviously over many years, there are and have been many issues and conflicts throughout the world. It is inevitable that there will be disagreements and battles between societies and the different cultures of the world. Things like this date back to the beginning of time and there isn't much to be done… Continue reading Rough times around the world, it will get better