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Querétaro, Mexico November 2018

Well this year has turned into a busy one, which was expected but I didn’t realize it would be to this extent. I’ve been to Querétaro in August, September, October, and now November. In between I also had to travel to Colorado to solve an issue.

Due to all this travel, Zee has been quite traveled and of course he doesn’t mind it one bit. He loves staying with my sister and her family. He also enjoys staying at the nearby “Suzy’s Bed and Biscuit” (yes, that’s the actual name).

Monel and I have been focusing a lot on wedding planning lately and it’s been a great deal of work but very exciting. Slowly but surely we are getting all of the items lined up and checked off of our list.

When I went to Colorado, I was only there for one night to solve a “quick” issue. But it turned into a longer experience than intended. When I arrived I had to wait a bit before the cars were ready for me so I stopped at a brewery on the way to Dillon, CO and was quite impressed with their food and beer.

Yesterday was a great day of relaxing and resting in my hotel room. I’ve never stayed the weekend here in Querétaro except for a Sunday night. It’s been nice to just relax and decompress from the week.

I’m looking forward to getting home for deer hunting with family at our cabin and of course to see Zee and play with him at our cabin. He got to experience snow while staying at my sisters house and apparently he loves it!

I think he will enjoy the winters and playing outside now!

Phoebe had a big awesome gymnastics meet this weekend and she rocked!!! All high scores and wonderful pictures and videos captured by Monel. I’m so very proud of these two!

Time to put the phone away. I’ll write back soon!

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