Thoughts and Questions

Merry Christmas to All!

What memories of Christmas do you have from your past years?

Memories and Meaning

One of the things I always remember from growing up, is visiting my Grandparent’s house and having all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives visiting for the holiday.

For sure, every Christmas holiday is always spent with loved ones. Whether it be family, friends, significant others’ family, or some other great close group of people. It’s definitely about being with the ones you care about and love.

This holiday is here in less than an hour for those of us in the Eastern Time Zone, but has already started for those in the Philippines and other areas of the world.

Celebrate the Birth of Christ

While reflecting on the meaning and history of Christmas, keep Christ in your mind and the manger in which he was placed upon birth. Keep an open heart and mind on this day and reflect on what Jesus would do in your shoes.

Think to yourself:

  1. What would Jesus think and say in your situation?
  2. Should you really be upset about this situation?
  3. Is there something you could do more of or less of to be a better person?

Reflect on this and enjoy your holiday as it arrives.


Stay classy!



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