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Daily Prompt: Circle

Circles, what do they mean to you, they can symbolize a lot of things or they can simply be something drawn on a piece of paper. In a lot of cases that can mean something very whole or pure, but other times it can simply be a shape that you see on a tree, or in the sky, or even on the ground sitting there as a storm sewer drain or a lost coin.

In the form of a ring

A circle formed by the band of a ring (wedding and engagement both) has meaning to it even though some people may not know it or care. It means completeness and eternity. It symbolizes the everlasting relationship that is formed and an icon of the promises made to one another. 

In Boy Scout symbols

The various symbols that are used in scouting can be confusing to interpret, but they all have meaning. The circle shape formed by the pinky finger and the thumb when making the Scout Sign form a symbol for worjly brotherhood of scouting. This symbolizes that all scouts are bonded and a tight bond at that. 
Circles are interesting shapes as they really truly have no end. That is why they used in so many meaningful ways throughout life. 

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Stay classy!



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