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Falling Asleep Difficulty and Using White Noise

If you have sleeping troubles like I do sometimes, you probably often find it a huge pain to get to sleep or stay asleep.

One thing that definitely helps, is to block out all of the noises that occur around your apartment / house / bedroom / shack. This will help you to sleep better without distraction and to get a better rest overall. Even if you can’t get a full night of sleep it is better to get quality sleep if you can.

I’ve used this app mentioned below for quite a while and absolutely love it. I have used many other apps for this same purpose of varying names and types but I really like the look, layout, and customizable options of this app. The best part is, that it is free to use. Go check it out and let me know how you like it.

Have a wonderful day and last day of the week, also, enjoy your weekend!

Stay Classy!



Hey, do you need help falling asleep? Try out this mix of relaxing sounds I put together with the app Relax Melodies. Listen here:

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