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Daily Prompt – Organize

What does it mean to you when you hear the word “Organize”?

To organize, in my opinion, means getting your area of focus put into an orderly fashion. That specific order all depends on how you truly desire to put it together. I personally can say that I love to have things organized. Certain areas of my life have to be organized in certain ways, maybe it is OCD, or maybe it’s just because I like to find things when I am looking for them. Organizing can be stressful and draw on anxiety, but it can also provide a level of relief and comfort knowing you’ve tidied up your things.

Organize: My closet

When I walk into my closet, I can see my button down shirts in one section, neatly arranged from one side to the other, with my most recently worn shirts at the back. I do this so that I don’t continuously wear the same shirt by pulling from wherever (it also makes getting dressed for work a lot easier in the morning). If you look to the other side of my closet, my polo shirts are also organized in a similar fashion as well.

Organize: My wallet

I’ve been teased about this one for many years, but when I have bills out of order in my wallet or not facing the same direction, it drives me crazy. I have to keep them organized with the front-face facing forward, and the largest bills in the bottom of the stack. The bills then get folded in half for them to be in my money clip properly. This way it shows the smallest bills I have on the outside. Even when I get new bills at a store after checking out, I try to make sure to organize them into their proper place. Otherwise, it becomes much more of a hassle later on.

Organize: My bag (suitcase, duffel bag, etc)

When I pack for a trip or a weekend getaway, I always make sure to organize it while packing. This makes my life easier so I can see what is missing in the bag yet. I also have a great benefit of knowing where to look for certain items when I need them in the mornings. If I need another pair of socks, I don’t have to go rifling through my entire bag, unfolding shirts/pants/shorts/etc just to find socks (unless I forgot them of course).


What kinds of things do you like to organize in your life?

Stay classy!



Daily Prompt – Organize

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Organize”

    1. Having things neat and orderly is always a nice feature but sometimes it can seem impossible. A good friend and one of the guys who trained me at work told me one day, “any big task is like eating an elephant, you can only chew so much at a time so just keep on taking bites and eventually you will have eaten the whole thing.”
      Great post by the way!

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