Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt – Spicy

Do you like spicy foods? Some people do, and others do not. Personally, I love spicy foods and they have many benefits (as long as eaten in moderation). To me, the word for this daily prompt, spicy, is about something more than just food. Its about attitude and behavior.

Be Spicy

When I say, “Be Spicy”, I do not mean to actually be “hot” or “saucy” or “sexy”. What I mean is, to be like a spicy food dish, be unpredictable (sometimes) and shake things up a bit. Be bold and innovative when everything else around you is not. Be that extra bit of zip that the surrounding parties need.

Being spicy isn’t hard to do, but it takes effort. Try it out!

Stay Classy!



Daily Prompt – Spicy

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