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Culture Shock!

CultureShock! is an awesome book series dedicated to informing the uninformed about different cultures throughout the world to better help in adjusting to the differences in culture and tradition. If you’re ever curious about a different place of the world or if you know you’re going somewhere new for an extended period of time, I would highly recommend one of these books. It teaches many great things for better understanding.

Some of the things you’ll learn

  • Marriage traditions
  • Family roles
  • School information and tradition
  • Lower, middle, and upper class involvement in society
  • Much much more!

I would definitely recommend picking up one of these books if you are in a relationship with someone from another country as it will help to explain a lot of questions you might have. It can also help to resolve and prevent any misunderstandings or arguments hehe. 

Hope you find some use in this article and possibly one of these great books!

If you get one, let me know how it is. 

Stay classy!



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