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Wireless Service: FreedomPop

Do you feel you pay too much for your wireless phone service? Of course you do, everyone does.

FreedomPop is an interesting company that will give a limited amount of data away, every month, for FREE!

The basic plan, with LTE, is only 200 MB, with 200 minutes of talk (through their app interface), and 500 text messages (through their app again). You can upgrade of course for a price, and initially you’ll get all the services like voicemail and various other “features” for the account. However, you can downgrade and just keep the data services with the other limited phone features for free!

Now, 200 MB of data is not much at all, right? But, you can earn free data by completing offers and by inviting your friends to be your friend, which yields 50 MB/month of free data per friend that accepts your request. This is limited to 10 friends, but that is an extra 500 MB of data per month. Now you’re at 700 MB of free cellular LTE data.

Check it out with my link here:

Let me know your thoughts on FreedomPop if you end up signing up or let me know if you have any questions about my experience with it. Great service for a child if you need some limited amount of service for them to have. We use this for Monel’s daughter to have access to her phone when she isn’t connected to wifi.


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