Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt – Savage

How to sum up the word savage… I really don’t know. But what I know is that it does have multiple meanings. Kids use it now days for meaning something is “cool” or awesome and I’ve even used it in some cases to say something is crazy or barbaric. 

To be a savage can be good, to be a savage can be bad. But to some, being a savage might just be what they need in life to survive their current situation. If they are recovering from a mental breakdown or having a stressful day, it may help to be savage and destroy something that you usually can’t, like a lamp or a TV. There are companies that make destruction rooms now for people to take out anger and aggression for a certain amount of time in a private room. (What a great idea!)

What kind of definition of Savage do you have?

Stay classy!



Daily Prompt – Savage:


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