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Creation and Powerful Thinking

No, I’m not posting about the idea of creationism or evolution or the long standing battle between the two. 

What this is about is how great it feels to create something. Think about the last project you did, where you had to create something. Whether it be at work, at home, in a club of some sort, or helping your kids with a science project, there is always a good time to create something. It may be useful, it may be useless, but when you create something, at that moment in time, you feel like a genius and feel well accomplished. 

It takes powerful thoughts and knowledge sometimes to create things. However, other times it can just be, “oh I’m moving to this house, it’ll be easy to get things set up and moving there.” 

However, it can be very taxing on the brain and body to move into a new place, but finding a way to make things easier is key. Work on creating things that make your life easier or more efficient and you will have more time for the better things in life that you enjoy more. 

Cheers and Stay Classy!



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