Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt – Wheel

What is a wheel in your head? What do you think of when you hear the word wheel?

To many people it will be different. But for me, I think of car wheels and wagon wheels. It’s hard to say why though. Maybe because I work in the automotive industry but that’s besides the point of this post. 

When you look at a wheel it makes a full circle so it can roll properly. If it doesn’t complete a proper circle then you’re going to have issues with bumps or noise or something worse. In life, wheels can symbolize a lot of things. Thinking deeply you can see that you start with an idea then build upon it to creat something wonderful. Then it comes full circle and you can implement it and get it rolling. The spokes of a wheel symbolize the connections that the core of your idea makes to the outer edge to ensure there are no missing pieces and that the integrity of the wheel is not lost. Wheels are a great invention and they are wonderful examples of figurative thoughts as well.  
What do you think of when you hear the word wheel? Something different? 

Stay classy!


Daily Prompt – Wheel:


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