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Travel to Querétaro, Mexico

I am traveling to Querétaro, Mexico 🇲🇽 for work this week. I will post some pictures if it isn’t raining the entire trip. Hoping to get a lot accomplished during the week and solve a lot of issues at our manufacturing plant as well as the customer vehicle assembly plant.

If we don’t set goals for ourself each week then what are we aiming for? What is our driving force to get through the day and week? How do we justify the weekend fun if we don’t work hard and put our time in?

The answers to these questions may be completely different for many different people. But, to conclude, you should always have goals in mind for the week of professional tasks and personal tasks that have to be taken care of. 

Good luck with your journeys and look for more content coming from Mexico. 

Stay Classy!



11 thoughts on “Travel to Querétaro, Mexico”

  1. I would love to visit Mexico someday. Hope you hvn fun. And yes, you said it right. You must have goals set for your week or days. It Helps you be productive. I’m still learning the art of scheduling my day. Though i’m more of a go with the flow kind of person. But I know it helps being organised and have goals set. Then one can do so much and achieve so much too.

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    1. Yes going with the flow is great for being spontaneous and for just living life but planning can be just as fulfilling as going with the flow (sometimes 😛 ). Keep up the good work!

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    2. Mexico is a wonderful place! There are a lot of great areas to see and explore and as long as you are smart about what you’re doing it is safe and eye opening all at the same time. Make it happen! You can even visit places like Cozumel or Costa Maya on a cruise ship to get a little taste of what it is like.

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