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Favorite Time of the Year

Many people have a favorite time of the year. Some like spring, some like fall, some like winter, and some like them all. I know a lot of people that really love summer and wish they didn’t have to go through the cold dark winters that we have in Michigan (all of the Midwest really).

I am not one of these people though. I at times do not like the cold, I also do not like the large variation in temperatures during the fall and spring months. However, the changing of the temperatures and seasons makes me appreciate the different climates we see. Each season has it’s own benefits and toward the end of each season it is nice to look forward into the next one for new adventures and activities that can only be done during that time of the year.

If you have seasons in your area, which one is your favorite? Some people live in a climate which doesn’t change much throughout the year, sometimes I wish that was the case in Michigan, but often I love the change of the seasons.

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7 thoughts on “Favorite Time of the Year”

  1. Fall is my favorite because of the colors and nice temps for hiking, but early summer is also nice. I’m in Ohio, so like Michigan, the temps vary too much for my liking. (There were a couple of weeks this year where we had all 4 seasons in one week!)

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  2. As a child, I preferred the summer lol (no school); however, as an adult living in the south, I have grown to appreciate all of the seasons. I prefer spring and summer (sun lover) but I enjoy fall and winter because of the newness and anticipation those seasons seem to bring.

    Great post and perspective!!

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  3. I used to love winter because for the majority of my life I thought I was born in winter but later I found out that I was wrong and my birthday is on the last day of fall. From this moment I don’t have favourite season but I still more enjoy fall and winter than summer because it’s too hot for me then 😉

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    1. I agree! That is quite interesting about thinking you were born in winter but finding later that is not the case.
      Enjoy the upcoming fall season, it is a ways away but it’ll be here before you know it

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