Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Triumph

To triumph can mean many things, to some it might mean to overcome one of your greatest fears or to overcome one of your greatest roadblocks in life. However, to some it may seem like an untouchable item in life that they have a slight vision of but cannot reach. You can reach any goal you set your mind to.

Goals are important because they allow you to see into the future and dream what can and will be different. As I have said before, goals need to be achievable, if you set your bar out beyond the solar system that is possible but it is highly unlikely that the average person will be able to reach there.  In no way should you set the bar low, by all means reach for the stars and achieve whatever you can dream.

Triumph and become greater than what you have believed you can be. You can overcome the hurdles in life; you can triumph and come out on top.

Stay classy!



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