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Overcoming your issues and fears with humor

One thing I have learned on a recent episode of The School of Greatness podcast is about overcoming fears with humor. It’s a great and powerful episode about how to become something better and accept where things are. One key takeaway from the episode is to say “I love it” to anything. Even if you don’t love something or like something you can love that you don’t like it or love it. 

Make sure to love a great life and enjoy it as much as you can! 

Stay classy!



Check out this podcast episode from Lewis Howes! <- Click Here!

9 thoughts on “Overcoming your issues and fears with humor”

  1. I love this! I’ve always had a nervous laugh, in any kind of confrontation I am hands down the last person you want there. I can debate to my hearts content and share my opinion until I’m blue in the face but genuine aggression makes me so uncomfortable and it all bubbles over in some awkward laugh. I make myself laugh and I guess that’s all that matters. This made me smile on a pretty shit day, so thank you!

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    1. Always glad to hear that humor is helping someone out. Without it what do we have in life? Just some boring and straight faces walking around. What fun is that? Not much at all if you ask me ๐Ÿ˜› hope you enjoy more and more of my blog. Stay tuned for travel coming up


    1. Absolutely agree! Breathing in a steady and controlled manor while focusing on only that breath is a great way to unwind and hone in on what is most important.
      Cheers! Hope you’ll enjoy more of what I write.


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