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Memorial Day weekend blessing and gratefulness

Well, Memorial Day weekend is in full swing this weekend of course. I have been looking forward to it for a while. It is always great to have extra time off of work to relax and unwind. I traveled the long journey to Marshfield, Wisconsin to visit Monel and Phoebe and the rest of the family. It has been a great weekend so far despite a long trip through Chicago haha.

At church this morning and during discussions with Monel this weekend, as always, I reflect on how grateful I am to have the luxuries of the life I live and where I have come to. She explains to me how often she wonders what life would be like if her family had not moved to the United States and what her and Phoebe’s lives would be like. It is always a question to wonder about, to think about where live would take you or what type of career you would be in had one thing in life not happened. Life is a blessing and recognizing that is always key to being grateful with the things you already have in life. Sometimes desiring more than is within your means can get you down and depressed if you have no way to achieve those things. However, having desirable goals in mind can give you something to aim for and push you to strive for something better, something which will provide a greater level of happiness.

We now have our tickets to the Philippines traveling with Cathay Pacific airways. We are both looking forward to the trip a lot. We have a wedding and various other activities while we are there. One of the things I am getting really excited for (aside from the entire trip in general) is visiting one of the famous islands for a getaway weekend. Meeting more of her family and friends will be so amazing, I can’t wait!

More details to come later! 🙂

Stay classy!




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