Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt:Catapult 

The daily prompt for today 23rd of May, 2017 is Catapult. When most think about the word catapult, it brings scenes into mind of medieval times with a harsh battle or possibly memories of being a child and building a catapult at camp like I helped to do at Boy Scout camp during the summer. Whatever comes to mind when you hear the word catapult, you can safely say that it is of different meaning to each person that hears it. 

When thinking in terms of a negative biased mindset, we don’t get much say in the matter because it is how we are wired, one might think of what I mentioned above, war or battle. However, a catapult can be a good thing. Think about catapulting yourself forward within your career or within your education by taking certain measures to ensure your success. This is a type of catapult but instead of inflicting damage and winning a physical battle, it inflicts positive changes and energy into a situation which helps the person to persist and potentially win a different type of battle, the battle for success and greatness. 

That’s all I have for today’s Daily Prompt, but come back for more next time. 

Stay classy!




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