Mindfulness and Meditation

Busy week of work this week, but still made time for exercise

This week was beyond busy with things at work. I had to follow up on multiple issues and discuss many different things with the customer as well as internal team members. Being an engineer can be quite stressful at times but managing that stress is very important, anyone who is an engineer can vouche for that.

Through all the busy time and stress of this week I still made sure to get to the gym every morning before work and to try and get my 10k steps in everyday (wasn’t quite successful this week haha).

Some further planning is needed yet for Monel and I with our upcoming trips and visits but we are getting there. I am very excited to travel again, obviously I love traveling. Keeping things in perspective all the time is a key ingredient to staying appreciative of the things that one has earned or achieved rather than becoming expective and getting let down when something doesn’t go according to the way that things make sense inside of the brain. This is obviously easier said than done for many people. One of the many things I have realized over the years is that no matter what is going on and how stressful things can get, it always helps to take a step back and breathe. Doing this while focusing on what’s going on and where life has brought you to can truly have an uplifting vibe to the rest of the day and week. Meditation can be a great way to relax and focus better on personal mental health. It’s like doing exercise for the brain and soul. If you haven’t tried meditation, I would greatly recommend it. Another option from meditation is what is called gratitude training or just try reconnecting with nature. I often find that taking a walk outside during a stressful time greatly reduces the stress and building anxiety. 

If you’re looking at getting into meditation or relaxation, I highly recommend the app called Headspace or another one called Zen. They are both great for getting started. There is another great podcast for meditation as well. Check the links below for a quick and easy shortcut to each. 

Stay Classy!



Headspace App (iOS)
Headspace App (Android)
Zen App (iOS)
Zen App (Android)
The Meditation Podcast

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